Dear friends, since 2002, Equity Foundation (A Forum for Women & Child), Patna, has been experimenting with processes for building a just, equitable, and a prosperous modern society. It was formed to search new pathways for overcoming the obstacles to Women / Child development through a synergy of “Knowledge”, “Voice” and “Action”. It has remained steadfast for over 17 years in its commitment towards bringing about a gender just society and enabling women’s empowerment. Many of you have been active partners in our journey, and many more have been witness to the efforts put in by our organization over the years. For those who have recently started following our organization, and also those who wish to get a holistic overview of what we do and we have achieved thus far, you may visit our website:

We have been blessed to receive your support all the way through, either through active collaboration, constant encouragement, or appreciation of our modest yet robust efforts. Today, at this crucial juncture for Equity Foundation, where it has become increasingly challenging for NGOs to function due to issues such as financial crunch, especially for those who choose to maintain the highest commitment to values such as integrity and probity, we are reaching out to you for support.

If you believe in our cause, and have faith in our sincerity of purpose, commitment, value system and abilities, then we hereby request you to make a financial contribution in the form of a donation to our Foundation. Your contribution, howsoever small, will go a long way in helping our small organization continue to make modest and humble, yet positive and robust, contributions towards the cause of women and children. The funds that we will raise through your support will be directed towards, inter alia, the following endeavours:

  • Meeting the administrative costs of running the organization
  • Continued publication of our hugely popular and much appreciated quarterly online journal, Manjari. Link for previous editions:
  • Meaningful expansion of our new endeavours, Suno Draupadi Shastra Utha Lo (A campaign against Violence against Women) and Yuva Vaani (An online forum for the youth for discussing relevant socio-political-economic issues)
  • Annual lecture series / seminars and conferences (such efforts made by us in the part have found widespread appreciation and coverage)

We look forward to receiving your support and contribution, for which the entire organization, and especially me, shall remain forever grateful. Together…we can make a difference. Our organization is registered under Section 12A of the Income Tax Act, 1961, and also has a Section 80G certificate. Thus, whatever donation you choose to make will qualify as a deduction from your total income u/s 80G of the IT Act, 1961.

Thank you,

Nina Srivastava
Executive Director
Equity Foundation, Patna

Terms & Condition

  • Once payment made is non-refundable or non-cancelled for any reason.
  • We will send the documents and personalized mail to each of the our donor who supported us along with payment receipts or tax exemption receipts copy within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Payments are processed through Atom technologies ltd, for more details visit-