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Violence against women

Equity Foundation continues to challenge, address and lobby for policies and laws to end violence against women. The group also aims at devising strategies and action plans to confront the violence. EF does a lot of lobbying and advocacy work for policy changes. It has been launching a series of State level Consultation Workshops and Multi Stakeholder Consultation on ending violence against women since 2010, which has brought recognition to women’s contribution to state building and the need to address gender violence. We are also lobbying for protection of women and girls against Sexual Harassment to share their experience with various stakeholder groups. Through our Forum ‘Vishaka’ we also engage the media and network with journalists to get extensive coverage and support for our concerns on violence against women. We also lobby the media to raise awareness to end the culture of violence. In addition, we work with the academic institutions, women helpline and Panchayat members to ensure gender sensitisation.

Through the workshop of stakeholders we have formulated new strategies that will be devised to empower women. We have mobilised women and men to act jointly on gender issues. We encourage other organisations to take up issues of violence against women as it is important to network and collaborate with stakeholder groups working towards a violence free society.

The workshops have involved various departments – Industry, Academics, Labour, Police, Education, legal, Transport, and Health – to form a general consensus to curb the menace of crimes against women. From time to time we also take assistance and support from all sections of society – Psychiatrists, Legal Experts, State Commission for Women, Helpline and others to pinpoint or locate the root cause of the problems, then to chalk out measures to eliminate the offences, and finally, a strategy to implement such measures.