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Resource Centre

Equity Foundation Knowledge Resource and Documentation Center (EF KRDC)

Equity Foundation Resource and documentation center  was started in 2000 with the aim of providing information and documentation support to the scholars, researchers, planners and development agencies through sharing and exchange of information material.

The Center now boasts about 7,000 collections – books, conference/seminars papers, research reports, journal articles and other publications in the field of gender studies/ globalization/ poverty/ education/ media/ IT/ population/ Panchayati Raj/ SHG.

A number of brochures, annual reports, newsletters, EPW Reports, Seminar, Government publications from other sources are also available for reference of NGOs, Researchers and others.


Resource Center Rules for Educational Institute Membership

Equity Foundation Knowledge Resource and Documentation Center, Patna Bihar offers membership to all graduate, postgraduate and research students, faculty, NGOs and others on request submitted in the prescribed application form.

Annual Membership fee

  • Students- Rs. 350 only
  • Others- Rs. 1,000/ only

Persons from above organisation/s can use the resource center. free of charge for a limited period on production of a letter of introduction from the Head of the institute and their valid identity card. A nominal fee will be charged for the photocopy, CD and other information.

Services offered

Members can use the services of the resource center. only on working days (Monday through Friday) between 10 30 – 5: 30 hrs. They should carry a letter of introduction from Head of the Institute/themselves and their valid identity card. Only following services are available to them:

Reference and consultation

Photocopying service (3 Rs. /page)

Bibliographic assistance on prevailing needs (Rs. 5/page)

Database (CD only) rates access, searching and printing output) – (100 Rs. /CD)

Books and other publications are not lent out to the members. Internet access to electronic resources is also not available to them.

Please remember

  • Member organization shall be responsible for the good conduct of their staff and students using library services.
  • The KRDC reserves the right to restrict number of users on a day, if necessary.
  • Not more than 5 students will be permitted to use the library on a day.
  • Users are not allowed to take books and magazines outside the resource center.
  • Users are not allowed to take personal belonging, printed material etc inside the resource center.
  • The Director, EF can decline an application for the membership without assigning any reason.

We welcome your suggestions for improving our services. For further information, please contact:


KRDC, Equity Foundation
123-A, Patliputra Colony
Street 5-A
Tel 91-612-2270171 Fax 91-612-2270171
Email: equityasia@gmail.com