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Gender & Budget
gendernew‘Gender-sensitive budgets’, ‘gender budgets’, and ‘women’s budgets’ refer to a variety of processes and tools aimed at facilitating an assessment of the gendered impacts of government budgets. It is important to recognize that ’women’s budgets’ or ‘gender-sensitive budgets’ are not separate budgets for women, or for men. They are attempts to break down, or disaggregate; the government’s mainstream budget according to its impact on women and men, and different groups of women and men, with cognizance being given to the society’s underpinning gender relations.” The book on ‘Gender and Budget’ is a collection of papers by eminent sociologists, economists, researchers, bureaucrats and academicians like Caroline Moser, Linda Mayoux, Andy Norton, Diane Elson, Ahalya S. Bhat, Suman Kolhar, Aarathi
Chellappa & Anand. H, Nirmala Banerjee, Maithreyi Krishnaraj, Dr. Vibhuti Patel, Dr. Anant Kumar and Nandita Mishra. Click Here to view details
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Women struggle for existence

women1The book ‘Women struggle for existence’ is based on various gender issues such as- Gender and Millennium Development Goals, Gender Equality, Gender and Water, Right to Information, Gender and Health, Adolescents, Gender and Law, Gender and Media and Gender and Violence (Trafficking and HIV/AIDS) etc. by world fame esteemed authors like Naila Kabeer, Caroline Moser, Maithreiy Krishnaraj, Nirmala Banerjee, Vibhuti Patel and Ammu Joseph etc. The Book is an initiative to lay an imprint on the minds of different stakeholders and also the participants coming from diverse backgrounds about various gender specific issues and seemingly, the gender sensitive writings of these authors would help the readers to analyse the current status of women and their level of empowerment. Thus, the write-ups would facilitate in transforming women’s invisibility to a more dynamic hyper visibility with a change in the perception on the mind of the readers. Click Here to view details
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Little Women, Strong Personalities (Diary)

diaerynewHistory has been written in myriad ways. This will be so in future as well. But one thing is certain: in the years to follow the most popular piece of writing will be the one which will account for the ordinary people’s concerns and their personal struggles to meet those, and shape their destinies by their own hands. A writing that instead of glorifying the works of a handful of charismatic political personalities, high profile socialites, noted academicians, and celebrated achievers in different walks of life brings out non-dramatic yet moving tales of fight of ordinary women and men against injustices will increasingly be sought after. Such writings will not only focus on nation’s extraordinary and unusual incidences but also those that will convey common people’s saga of their lives. Click Here to view details
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Mukhiya ki Diary

mukhiyakidayriSelf Assesment of Mukhiya.

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