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Intern/Volunteer @ Equity Foundation- (A Forum for Woman & Child)

Equity Foundation (EF) is a Non-Governmental Organisation, with the primary objective of empowering women and educating children through creating new pathways for overcoming the obstacles to Women / Child development through a synergy of “Knowledge”, “Voice” and “Action”. EF was founded in March 2002 by a group of women activists with 7 Members Executive Committee, and officially registered under Societies Registration Act on 26th March 2003.  Our vision is empowering women and girls, aiming for gender equality and the eradication of all forms of discrimination against them through empowering and mobilizing women’s participation in the struggle against the patriarchy. It stands for ‘Enhancement of women and children through Training and Action.

Equity Foundation builds the capacities of rural and urban women to advance democratic values and processes. The programme addresses two categories. Firstly, women who are already at the forefront of their areas’ political and social changes, and are active in tackling violence and insecurity. Secondly, a future leader- woman at the grassroots level and helps them to develop strategies for avoiding insecurity and violence locally. We help them build their confidence and abilities to engage in the broader push for women’s inclusion and rights.

Over the last few years, internships have become extremely popular amongst students as they have learned about the importance of hands-on learning and the invaluable work experience internships bring on their resume. Recently, with increased awareness among students, a new trend has been observed in the types of internships students are pursuing. A huge number of students are opting for volunteering and NGO internships owing to the opportunity they get to contribute for the betterment of the society and skill-building opportunities in NGOs.

Why do an internship with Equity Foundation:

1. Character development
During volunteering, you get to work and interact with people coming from different backgrounds working for various social causes. An NGO internship could be your chance to make new friends and get inspired by your fellow volunteers. You could even discover yourself while working with an NGO for the betterment of the society and this could play a significant role in building your character as you inculcate in yourself, eminent qualities like empathy, humility, patience, and optimism.

2. A valuable addition to your resume
NGO internships not only add the value of work experience to your resume but also speak volumes about your ability to work in a real-time environment as well as about your character. Additionally, having a volunteering work experience on your resume can make your application stand out during your higher education admission processes as well as while you are applying for your next internship endeavour or your dream job in future.

3. Upgrades your research skill
Apart from learning the importance of teamwork and leadership while working on a variety of works ranging from conducting surveys, volunteering offers you with abundant opportunities to learn and develop both soft and technical skills. There’s another trend in NGO internships called skill-based volunteering which allows you to use your existing skills to give your meaningful contribution to the society.

Intern/Volunteer @ Equity Foundation

Internship applicants should have
A Graduate degree in any subject but with an understanding of social issues, legal issues, development activities, research methodology and familiarity with the documentation-

⦁ Knowledge of the key sociological and political terminology, which is related with a Research Project – previous experience in some kind of research / campaign / advocacy work would be good
⦁ Possess good communication skills in Hindi and English
⦁ Proficiency in the Computers – comfortable with working on web, and good typing speed
⦁ Hardworking, interested in both detail and the larger picture, willingness to learn, methodical, and determined

Summer Internship Programme- May – August
Winter Internship Programme- October-January

The students should plan for at least 1 month programme.

Equity Foundation Office in Patna, Bihar

Who can apply?
Students from all areas are welcome to apply
⦁ Sociology
⦁ Gender
⦁ Research
⦁ Law
⦁ Governance and Development

Application Process 
Internships are available in several departments; students will have to submit their CV along with a statement of interest via email:  equityasia@gmail.com. The Application Form can be downloaded from our website www.equityasia.net or it can be received through email request.

Documents required for application

⦁ Filled up application form with a passport size photograph
⦁ Reference/Permission letter from the department head
Please note

The Intern is expected to send a daily activity report to the sponsor organisation via email- equityasia@gmail.com.

Interns are required to prepare a written report and give an oral presentation at a closing program outlining the lessons learned and experiences gained during the internship experience at a closing program. The Intern is expected to submit a hard copy of the report to the Supervisor at the sponsor organisation and also to the Internship Professor/Coordinator/Director. The Intern will receive a Certificate on completion of the Internship programme.

The supervisor at the sponsor organization will write a short evaluation of the student’s performance at the end of the internship.  The supervisor will comment on the student’s performance and contributions made to the organization, including effort, attitude, ability to work with people, and specific results achieved. This evaluation report will be sent to both the internship professor and to the Internship Coordinator/Director.

For more information, please contact our office through phone or email us at equityasia@gmail.com or call at 0612-2270171 (L); 9431055965, 6207092051 (M).

Application Form